6 Week Diabetes Prevention Solution

Your step-by-step six week guide takes the guesswork out of eating. You’ll be provided exactly what to eat at every meal and gain the tools to successfully lower your blood sugar, without strict limitations.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Curriculum

This is by no means a complete look at the program – I simply want to give you a sense of how things will unfold. We’ll cover a significant amount of material in this 6-week course:

Week #1 – Prep and Launch

This presentation will lay the important groundwork for breakthroughs to happen and for true change to take hold. A few highlights include:

  • Understanding what is going on in your body
  • Learn about Prediabetes and Diabetes
  • A new program to allow your pancreas to rest and heal
  • Grocery Lists and meal plans to energize your metabolism and lower blood sugars
  • How to see your eating behaviors in a whole new light
  • Collect baseline data which includes: weight, measurements, survey and optional Hemoglobin A1c

Week #2 – Healing Underway

In this pivotal session we’ll take an in-depth look at the important ways that mind, brain, and emotions impact nutritional metabolism. Some highlights include:

  • Reaping the benefits of Week one
  • How to see your eating behaviors in a whole new light
  • Understanding and defining your “Whys”
  • Learning about Hunger/Satiety Tool and how to utilize the tool
  • Tailoring the program to you individually

Week #3-Using the Breathing and Moving for Life

Thankfully, there are so many different opportunities for us embrace movement that we can enjoy on a regular basis. Part of the fun is learning which ones fit us best and how to incorporate them into our lives. This week we will:

  • Check in on our breathing and understand a few different techniques to help us re calibrate
  • Learn about the differences between cardiovascular and strength training
  • Practice a 10 minute strength training routine that quickly gets your results and can be done ANYWHERE without any equipment
  • Lean and choose best Fitness tracking apps

Week 4: Vitamins, Minerals Supplements and Spices That Can Provide Extra Support

Sometimes we all need a little extra support to get things on the right track. This week we will delve into key micronutrients to learn which of these can help boost our immune systems and support healing and which ones to leave alone. Ones for discussion include

  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Prebiotics
  • Probiotics
  • Curcumin
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cinnamon
  • Berberine
  • And more

Week 5# – Navigating External and Internal Situations

It’s time to re-invent how we eat for the long term. We will provide practical approaches, more grocery list and meal plans.

  • Feel prepared and equipped to handle Restaurants, potlucks, parties, etc.
  • Identify self-sabotaging behaviors and loved ones that unintentionally hinder success
  •  Revisiting Self Image and Healthy Habits

Week #6 –Healthy Blood Sugars-Moving Forward

In our final session together we’ll integrate the lessons learned in this class and chart a new course for a nourishing and inspired relationship with food. Some highlights include:

  • Recognizing your nutritional story to date
  • Future Recipe sharing and resources
  • How to generate a long range nutritional strategy that works
  • Managing obstacles into the future
  • Embracing greater levels of health, energy and freedom
  • Collect post data which includes: weight, measurements, survey and optional Hemoglobin A1c


Why Choose This Program

Taught by a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetic Educator (CDE) with 18 years of experience coaching 1000s of clients.

Recommended Food lists

Weekly contact with Kristine mid-week to check in

Grocery lists

Meal plans

Knowledge and strategies to put new specific behaviors into place

Weekly accountability and professional coaching

Access to a Registered Dietitian for questions and support throughout the 6 week program

Results!!!! Such as:

-Lower Blood Sugars

-Weight Loss

-Better Sleeping

-More Energy

-Improved Mood

-Reduced joint pain

-Increased Self Confidence because you have a plan that works for you!

Investment in your Health: $497 for the 6 week group coaching program.

This also includes access to Private Facebook Group!



  1. THE HUNGER SCALE: A visual guide to help you better understand, gauge, and improve hunger levels before and after meals.
  2. HIGH FIBER FOODS CHECKLIST: Add these options daily to lower your blood sugar, lose weight, and feel satisfied after each meal.
  3. HEALTHY PROTEIN GUIDE: A breakdown of the best proteins sources to include at every meal.
  4. MEAL PLANNING MADE EASY: An easy-to-follow template to help you stay organized and meal plan like a pro!
  5. BUILD YOUR OWN MEAL PLAN: How to create a winning meal, every single time.
  6. ULTIMATE SNACK GUIDE: Simple strategies to make perfectly paired snacks for anytime of the day.
  7. LOW(ER) CARB ALCOHOL LIST: If you are going to drink, here’s a full list of all the BEST options.
  8. Recommended Brand Name Grocery list
  9. THE ULTIMATE RESTAURANT GUIDE: Exactly what dishes you can enjoy at your favorite restaurants.
  10. EXERCISE ACTION PLAN: To begin improving your blood sugar today, with physical movement that works for you
  11. BLOOD SUGAR FRIENDLY DESSERTS: Some of my favorite sweet-tooth recipes to enjoy

All this and world class support every step of the way. Enroll here:


Here what a few of the past participants have said:

“This  class was amazing! it provided the jumpstart I needed to get back on track and reduce my blood sugars from 6.4 to 5.8. Kristine was so encouraging and funny and inspirational. I thought it was great she did the meal plan/class along side of use and shared in the same challenges and triumphs that we did during the 6 weeks. She provided great info and resources for recipes, making food choices, etc. Thank you Kristine!!!!- Carol T.

“The biggest issue is making the decision to actually get started. I knew that I needed some external forces to get me motivated. This was an excellent way to do that. It was fun, motivating, safe and very encouraging. It allowed me to get focused and be accountable, which are huge factors in any weight loss or health journey. And it works as I lost 12 pounds. I feel more controlled and motivated to keep going. I definitely will recommend it to others”.- Denise K.

“I thought I was  knowledgeable about what to eat and not eat, so I figured it wouldn’t be much more that I didn’t know. Man, was I wrong. It was an education on my behavior and understanding myself and my decisions that can contribute to my health and why I make them and how to adjust those behaviors. I couldn’t have got that from a book or a website, and it’s the sort of change I haven’t experienced in other weight loss or nutrition challenges.”  Caroline S.

What is your story? Does it include you have Diabetes? Or does it have you successfully reversing your Prediabetes numbers and having you feel your best?

I hope its the latter.