28 Days to Reclaim Your Blood Sugar Program

Have you just been told you have elevated Blood sugar or have Prediabetes and
-You are terrified and don’t know where to start
-You are confused about what to eat
-You are frustrated because you don’t think you have a family history or other diabetes risk factors
-You don’t know where to begin or what the most important steps to take are
-You are determined that you do NOT want Diabetes and are ready to do something about it.

You’re not alone-
These are the most common statements that I’ve heard from thousands of women and men just like you who just learned they are at risk of developing diabetes.
That’s why I put together this important program!
This program is all about teaching you the knowledge, skills, and strategies that will help you reduce your blood sugars and take control of your health for the long term.

What you get:
3-4 hours of content delivered in 4 Modules. Each video module lasts between 45-60 minutes
Recommended Foods lists, Meal plans, Brand Name Grocery lists, and worksheets full of exercises to help you with practical steps to support you on your health change journey.
My signature strategies, concepts and REAL concrete tools that you can start using TODAY!

Module 1

The Beginning
This module is all about understanding Prediabetes and helping you understand what may be causing your blood sugars to elevate.
You will receive specific nutritional guidance meal plans, grocery lists, and other tools to get you going on your way to reducing your blood sugars immediately.
By the time you are done with this module you will be able to:
Know What Is Going On In Your Body
Understand how food affects your Blood Sugars
Feel confident about which foods you to eat and buy at the grocery store to get you on the path to feeling great

Module 2

Moving the Body
This module is all learning what exercises are the most helpful to reduce blood sugars and weight. These are exercises that require no equipment and can be done anywhere, almost anytime.
By the end of this module you will be able to:
Know which exercises give you the best results
Identify when and where you can strategically fit exercise into your day to make it a habit

Module 3

Facing Yourself and Others
This module exposes some truths about how our relationship with food and our relationships with the external world may effect our health

By the end of this module you will be able to:
Start looking at you, your life and the people in it that may play a role in your health
Use a hunger/fullness tool confidently
Identify habits and patterns that prevent us from succeeding
& More…

Module 4
Facing the Real World
Restaurants, potlucks, parties, etc.
How to function in the real world and successfully
Achieve your goal to improve your blood sugars and reduce your weight

By the end of this module you will be able to:
Gain further knowledge about nutritional labels, sodium,
And fibers, etc.
Have a plan to be able to practice your new healthier way of eating, but still participate in life’s activities

Don’t suffer with trying to make sense of conflicting information and feelings of overwhelm and confusion.
Get the tools and coaching you need to reduce your blood sugar (and weight if that is needed too) so that you can reclaim your health for the long term!
You CAN have the health you want and eat the foods you enjoy too!

Learn everything you need in:
28 Days to Reclaim Your Blood Sugars Program